Advanced Exchange Platform

To provide the best possible experience.

High Security

The System is backed by military grade security and hardened encryption methods.


Your personal data will be stored encrypted on our servers and never given to 3rd parties.

Low fees

The trading and withdrawal fees will be held as low as possible. Trading and Withdrawing Alqo is free of exchange fees!

High Performance

To ensure stability we will take Bank-level standardized servers to operate flawlessly even when experiencing huge traffic.

Our video

Why should you use

""It's our passion to provide good customer care, not only for Alqo but also for Bitfineon.

Moritz Heimberg

B2C-C2B, ALQO Team

"" will become the gateway to cryptocurrency in europe!

Jared Grey

Co-Founder, ALQO Team

""After Coinfolium and Alqo, Bitfineon will provide us the network we needed.

Kevin Collmer

Co-Founder, ALQO Team

Our team

Our team maintains an effective mix of development experience and seasoned leadership.

Kevin Collmer
CEO, Development

Main Developer of Alqo Cryptocurrency, The Liberio Wallet and several years of developer experience.

Jared Grey
CEO, Marketing & Finance

Experienced in different kinds of online companies as a Marketeer and Project Manager.

Moritz Heimberg
CEO, B2B - C2B & Support Manager

Several years of experience in leading support-teams as well as business-to-business relationships.


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